January 23, 2017

Rainbow Express

Rainbow Express Preschool is a ministry of Victory Church that serves not only church families, but our entire community.

We currently enroll children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years of age.

We are a religious exempt preschool offering both social and educational services that help your child become ready for school.

We focus on loving and caring for your child while developing social skills, such as making new friends and learning to share and interact with other children. We also encourage the physical development of your child through creative play and gym time and fine motor skills that begin with learning to hold a pencil/crayon and write letters and numbers and color and draw.

We continue their educational development with creative teaching and activities that engage students and teach them the basics of shapes, colors, and numbers as well as phonetic recognition to begin reading.  Creativity is also developed and enhanced through projects, pretend play, and our music program.

Contact: Rainbow Express Preschool Director at 540-667-9400,  or REP@victorywinchester.com