January 23, 2017


Finances are important for Victory Church to provide the ministries and missions we feel are necessary to reach the Winchester/Frederick County community as well as supporting missionaries around the world.  We believe in the biblical mandate of tithing as found in the book of Malachi chapter 3.  The tithe belongs to the Lord and we should gladly return that to the Lord through local ministry of Victory Church.  We also believe that it is essential for us to support other ministries by giving offerings above our tithe as the Holy Spirit leads us toward the general missions funds, specific missionaries, events and projects.

There are several ways to give to the ministries of Victory Church.  Obviously, you may bring your tithes and offerings to any of our services and gatherings.  You may also choose to set up a direct payment from you bank checking account to Victory Church.  You may also mail funds to the church address.  By utilizing these methods of giving, 100% of your tithe and offering goes directly into ministry, and not into banking fees.

If you are away, or bad weather keeps us from gathering, you may give through one of our online services on this website, or on our Victory Church Winchester APP. There are some fees the church incurs with the service EasyTithe, but we are grateful for your faithfulness in tithing and giving through this means as well.

To give click this link: I want to give!