May 5, 2017

Our Values

Our Core Values:

Biblical Authority

God has spoken to us through the Bible, and we recognize it as the final authority for our lives.

Biblical Experience

In worship and practice Victory Church encourages the proper use of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in our gatherings.

Intimacy with God

God desires an intimate relationship with each of us.

Strong Healthy Families

We need strong marriages that stand the test of time and parents who raise children to love God, their parents and to be life-long followers to Jesus Christ.

Relevant Ministries

We desire to provide ministries that meet the current needs of your life.

Relational Evangelism

God’s message of forgiveness through Christ is most effectively conveyed within the context of personal relationships.

Authentic Community

Accountability, belonging, care and spiritual growth happen best with relationally connected believers.

Strategic Service

Our spiritual gifts have the maximum impact when exercised in support of our strategy.

Intentional Mentoring

We are responsible to pass along to others the knowledge, skills, and opportunities that been entrusted to us.

Global Commission 

Jesus commanded us to personally take the gospel to all people groups of the world. We will endeavor to send send missionaries locally, nationally, and internationally.